mHub hosted an International Women's Day for the young ladies who participated the Hackaton last year.....

In honor of International Women’s Day, Mhub hosted an event on Friday March 18th for the young ladies who participated in the Hackathon last year on December 12th. The event hosted 11 young ladies and the goal was to reunite the girls and see where they are now with their applications. The winner of the Hackaton competition Tamanda Pius spoke about her application Mobi-Bank which she created during the competition. “Let’s not take these things for granted, you never know where they’ll take you” was the advice Tamanda gave to the young ladies.

Theresa Magasa, winner of the TNM Smart Challenge showcased the application that she, along with Walter Moyo and mHub’s Daniel Mvalo, made called Maternitech where women can access pregnancy and contraceptive information. The fun didn’t stop there for the young ladies. After learning the general concepts of designing an application using MIT app, they were split into three groups of four and were given spaghetti and tape to build a structure in 30 minutes, which is called the Marshmallow Challenge.

Not only did these young ladies learn to work in teams and rely on each other, but they also learned how to be innovative and creative. They are what lie between a problem and a solution as young innovators. Malawi faces so many challenges, but they can beat the odds by coming up with applications to create solutions.

By Tapiwa Bokosi