Youth to Youth Empowerment had anSPSS training workshop on Saturday May 14th, 2016 at mHub.....

Youth to Youth Empowerment hosted 28 eager ladies and gentlemen for an SPSS Training Workshop on Saturday May 14, 2016 at mHub. The aim was to train all participants the basics of SPSS. There are many software’s one can use to analyze their data, but a lot of people like SPSS because it is user friendly. More people are getting SPSS training because it can be used in different industries for research and data analysis. SPSS can be used in industries such as telecommunications, banking, education and market research just to name a few. SPSS stands for Statistical Packages for Social Sciences. Youth to Youth Empowerment’s goal is to teach participants the skill to use SPSS to analyze data.

Youth to Youth is a non-political network for Malawi youth to actively participate in national development and to promote responsible citizenship. It is an initiative by World Bank Youth Network Malawi which provides a platform for Malawian youth. They have hosted various training workshops such as in Graphic Design using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign. Another SPSS training was held in Mzuzu at Mzuzu University last year in September.

The participants got an introduction into SPSS such as learning how to input variables and making sure that variables have the right formats. Most of the attendants were students who wanted to gain knowledge in SPSS because they might find it useful when they’re doing their projects. After the tutorial, students practiced using SPSS by creating a questionnaire, entering and analyzing the data. Youth to Youth Empowerment accomplished their goal of teaching the youth a new skill by training 19 young men and 9 young ladies in the software. The session kicked off at 9am and concluded a 12:30pm.

A LUANAR Master’s student studying Agronomy and SPSS Trainer presented on how to enter data in SPSS, analyze the data and exporting it to Microsoft Word documents. This was a hands-on training as participants brought their laptops and also executed the commands as advised by the facilitator. The participants were also provided with the SPSS software and this was installed in their computers for further practice.

By Tapiwa Bokosi