The Blantyre Innovation Hub had a Start Up Camp for two days equipping young entrepreneurs with the skills they need to survive in....

Engaging the youth in various activities to develop them is very important in the growth and development of Malawi. This is one of the aims of the Blantyre Innovation Hub. They had a startup camp at their office at The Polytechnic Chichiri Campus for two days from 14th May to 15th May with the aim of training the youth the basics of starting a business from the ground up from sourcing funds to planning in Malawi. A total of 25 young ladies and gentlemen came to learn quick and simple tools to enable them to become successful entrepreneurs.

The aim of the workshop was to share knowledge with entrepreneurs on the basics of running a business such as how to identify and analyze their business environment, including understanding business opportunities and thoroughly doing a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats analysis. Instructors Austin Madinga and Jones Ntaukira wanted to give the attendees knowledge of doing business in Malawi, understanding enterprise blue print and general principles in developing a business plan.

The training was combined with presentations, discussions and exercises in order for participants to gain the most out of the training. There were presentations made on types of ownership, sources of capital and raising capital, use of new technology in entrepreneurship and marketing and communication.

The startup camp was a success and majority of the participants felt that what they learned was relevant to their startups and participants wished the Start Up Camp could have been for more than 2 days. There is more to learn and two days wasn’t enough to cover everything, one attendee said. Many people start business without having the right entrepreneurial skills, hence failing in business. Equipping Malawians with these skills can help raise their aspirations, become employers, become successful in business and help in decreasing unemployment.