It is in this view that organizations have realized that youth should be seen as an asset to the nation for they give the best acc....

For the past few years, Malawi has experienced a rise in attacks and murder of people with Albinism. Young people are affected by these acts against human rights both as victims and in some cases perpetrators. It is in this view that organizations have realized that youth should be seen as an asset to the nation for they give the best account of issues concerning them. As such, youth should be involved in and aware of national issues. They are the future of Malawi. Macheza Youth Platform was started with the aim of providing a platform for youth to dialogue and make contributions to policy debates. This platform was launched May 6th, 2017 at mHub.

Through the platform, the youth will be able to unpack and dialogue with stakeholders on topical issues affecting their community. Macheza will take part once a month focusing on a specific topic on which the youth will open up and share their thoughts, opinions, and recommendations. Reports will be shared with respective organizations and ministries whose focus area relates to the topic.

Today’s topic was The Role of Youth in Curbing Violence against People with Albinism. The launch was attended by youth and representatives from various organizations including Habiba Rezwana Osman from UN Women, Chimwemwe Manyozo from Maphunziro 265, representatives from Disabled Women in Africa, the Association of Persons with Albinism and the Malawi Human Right’s Commission.

The Chairperson for the Association of Persons with Albinism, Mr. Bonaface Massah, expressed his disappointment “It’s disappointing that among the perpetrators arrested for violence against people with Albinism, the majority were youth aged 20-35 years old”.  Although violence against people with Albinism has been going on for many years, cases have escalated. Parents are living in fear for their children with Albinism that they may become victims.

The youth contributed that the reason youth are partaking in this inhumane act is the lack of business and employment opportunities, hence turning to violence against people with Albinism is a way to improve their livelihood. They recommended that the government should consider ways of empowering and educating people about Albinism and violence against those with the disorder. Mr. Bonaface Massah pleaded with the youth to look at and treat people living with Albinism as normal human beings and take precautions to protect people with Albinism in their communities.

The Macheza Platform will be organized by mHub in partnership with the Centre for Civil Society Strengthening (CECCS).


Written by | Tapiwa Bokosi