On July 11th, 2017, mHub in partnership with iDrops, Exchance and Cisco held a We for Talent training workshop. ....

On July 11th, 2017, mHub in partnership with iDrops, Exchance and Cisco held a We for Talent training workshop. The workshop took place over 10 days where the youth were trained in IoT (Internet of Things), Hardware Programming, Business Intelligence, the Innovation architecture and how they can use these to create ICT-based solutions that address social challenges.

The objectives of the training were to enhance youth development in business and technology through co-innovation, the development of new start-ups from youth in and among MHub, identify ideas with potential for completion and scaling, innovative exchange, and develop solutions to solve social issues.

The workshop covered a diverse range of topics including technical skills, business skills and innovation architecture. One of the topics covered during the 10 day workshop was IoT systems. IoT is the inter-networking and connection of computers to electronic devices that can then also interact with physical objects (soil, water) using software, sensors, actuators, and network connectivity which enable these objects to collect and exchange data.

Participants were also taught knowledge about Innovation Intelligence and Mindset which covered identifying a problem, developing a creative solution to the problem (ideation), looking at feasibility of the solution (feasibility), how to pitch to the public and potential investors (pitch training) and also team communication during ideation stage. They also gained knowledge in Collaboration and Business Knowledge Unit and Python Programming teaching them the business essentials to becoming successful entrepreneurs and general-purpose computer programming in Python.

The participants were split into diverse groups of developers, business-minded youth and innovators. Each team developed a prototype of their proposed solution. The team with the solution that best solved a challenge would receive a 3 month incubation programme award through mHub to help successfully develop its business model and product.

During the incubation period the winning solution will be refined and a sample of the final product will be developed. After this period, depending on the outcome of the sample, mHub will help the team approach potential investors and also help in media exposure. On Thursday July 20th at the close out ceremony at MHub offices, each group pitched their idea to the audience and a group of judges.

Congratulations to the winning team of the We For Talent Hackathon Pitch Competition Tionge Moya, Nazma Noor, Mallen Machika, Towera Moyo, Chimwemwe Vinkhumbo, Amanda Kafere, and Edward Mwalo of RasTech! They developed a web-based platform that would enable people to find modes of transport such as taxi's and tuktuk's online and accumulate the cost of their planned destination! A special thanks to the judges Mr. Austin Madinga, Bram Fudzulani, Edna Chamgwera and Walter Moyo.

Written By Tapiwa Bokosi