Hackathons are rapid software development activities that challenges innovators to come up with innovations that solve social issues in our communities. Hackathons are centered on specific topics ranging from health, agriculture, governance, childcare and more.

One of the hackathons held before is the We for Talent was which mHub in partnership with iDrops, Exchance and Cisco held. The workshop took place over 10 days where the youth were trained in IoT (Internet of Things), Hardware Programming, Business Intelligence, the Innovation architecture and how they can use these to create ICT-based solutions that address social challenges.

The participants were split into diverse groups of developers, business-minded youth and innovators. Each team developed a prototype of their proposed solution. The winning team, RasTech developed a web-based platform that would enable people to find modes of transport such as taxi's and tuktuk's online and accumulate the cost of their planned destination! They received a 3 month incubation programme award through mHub to help successfully develop its business model and product.

Hackathons are especially good tools to stimulate the creative and problem-solving juices of developers. They have more benefits including: Learning new skills for  free;  networking; beefing up one's resume; paving a path for startup; giving back to community; and winning a prize, among other benefits.

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