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Ufulu Wanga

Ufulu Wanga is Malawi's first human rights portal that provides a platform for citizens to report in real time on human rights violations and abuse using SMS (+265 993 892 234), web ( and social media (@UfuluWanga or Ufulu Wanga- My Rights, Your Rights, Our Rights) channels for timely response.  Using the platform, citizens are linked directly with the relevant service providers such as; The Lawyers Forum for Human Rights, Victim Support Unit, Chisomo Children’s Club, Labour Office, UNWomen, CHREAA, CHRR, CEDEP and PATCH Malawi, just to mention a few.

This human rights portal also provides information in a simple and easy to understand language on human rights issues such as; LGBTI, Albino attacks, Human trafficking, Child marriages, Domestic violence, Gender based violence, Gender inequality, Rape, Divorce, Separation and child protection. It further provides information on news and stories on human rights violation in order to help the citizens relate on issues of abuse and human rights violation, especially to the citizens that are usually not aware when their rights are being violated.

Technology has become very useful in enhancing sharing of knowledge and information in recent years. It is therefore imperative to embrace the use of technology as a tool for sharing information and making citizens aware of human rights issues. Ufulu Wanga has the potential to enhance awareness of human rights issues to citizens and ultimately make the citizenry more informed and aware. The portal enhances evidence based tracking of human rights violations and subsequent support by relevant stakeholders. The Ufulu Wanga portal is secure whereby the anonymity and privacy of citizens is upheld.

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