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Election Situation Room (ESR)

An Election Situation Room (ESR) is a multi-stakeholder platform that brings together, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) with common interest to collaborate on activities related to the elections process, collect analyze information on a real-time basis and provide evidence based information in incidence that arise so that rapid response is effected through the ESR network of stakeholders.

mHub is the ESR hub for Southern Africa that facilitates the set up  of an ESR in the country holding te elections. Setting up an ESR invariably involves setting up both short and long term projects, during which orientation, training, procurement of equipment and monitoring of current situation relating to the elections. Simultaneously, efforts have to be made to ensure that partners can have easy access to ESR resources and materials such as training curriculum and frameworks for establishing IT platforms ahead of their due election date.

The objective of every ESR set up is to collect relevant information, provide evidence based information and to be able to alert the appropriate authorities in real time. This is to effect rapid response to incidences before, during and after elections. The general structure of an ESR though open to customization by each host country consist of Council of elders, steering Committee, stakeholder forum, secretariat, and dedicated observers.

This has been effectively implemented in Malawi (2014), Zambia (2016), and currently working in Zimbabwe.

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