Since inception in 2020, the Digital Malawi Project, implemented by mHub in partnership with Public Private Partnership Commission with financing from the World Bank Group, aims to equip youths across Malawi with digital skills and entrepreneurship opportunities, including training in various digital skills such as end-user computing, website development, and graphic designing.

The project has so far benefited 524 participants in six districts, namely Nkhatabay-Bay, Lilongwe, Ntcheu, Mzimba, Mwanza, and Chikwawa, providing them with the necessary digital skills to become efficient and effective individuals at work or business places. Additionally, Digital Malawi has provided three months long internship opportunities to 26 youths across all six districts, providing participants with hands-on experience in their respective fields.

The entrepreneurship aspect of the project aimed to establish a platform that would expose participants to entrepreneurship and cultivate an entrepreneurial spirit and culture. Its primary objective was to promote digital income-generating activities, build social capital, and provide mentorship and seed funding to youths under the Digital Malawi Project. After conducting the entrepreneurship training that targeted 89 participants across the six districts, 20 enterprises emerged as winners of the pitching competitions held in all six districts. Each of these enterprises received seed capital of $2,500. Three winners were selected from each district, except for Chikwawa and Mwanza, where four winners were selected from each of the two districts.

The Digital Malawi Project has had a significant impact on youths in Malawi, providing them with digital skills and entrepreneurship opportunities. The project’s training and internship opportunities have enabled participants to become efficient and effective individuals at work or business places, while the entrepreneurship aspect has provided a platform for participants to become successful entrepreneurs. The project’s financing has also enabled beneficiaries to scale their businesses and achieve financial independence. Overall, the Digital Malawi Project has contributed to the development of a digital ecosystem and entrepreneurial culture in Malawi.

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