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About the Daring to Shift Program: The Daring to Shift program, supports young women and men build competencies in facilitation, digital literacy, gender equality and 21st century skills. The program is divided into four pillars as follows; I. The Community leader program: The Community Leader pillar of Daring to Shift supports highly motivated youth to become leaders in their communities through real-world placements where they run skills development programs in own communities. When they complete the program, youth leverage their leadership skills and real-world experience to access meaningful jobs and opportunities. II. The Digital Business program: The Digital Business pillar of Daring to Shift supports youth business owners with small and informal businesses to identify and leverage technology to improve their business outcomes. They also develop connection to networks of peers, mentors and business support organizations. III. Digital jobs program: The Digital jobs pillar of Daring to Shift, supports youth to develop digital skills needed to earn a decent livelihood in an evolving market. The youth are given real-world experience and connections with employers in preparation for 3 streams of digital livelihoods; ICT microwork, online gig economy/ freelancing, and traditional employment.

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Our core mandate is to support emerging entrepreneurs with financial and technical assistance to scale up their ventures

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