the Programme

The Hatch start incubation program is a World University Services of Canada (WUSC) initiative that is being executed by a collaboration between mHub, Mzuzu E-hub, and ACADES. Its goal is to help early-stage and idea-stage entrepreneurs establish viable, sustainable, and socially conscious business models. It aims at training young entrepreneurs how to start and maintain a profitable firm as a result of it. Professional development, guidance, and mentoring are provided through various capacity building trainings, as well as seed capital grants. The eligibility criteria require applicants to be Malawian female or male aged 18-35 years of age. The applicant must have a social business either at an idea or seed stage. The applicant must own a business that is less than 2 years.

Supporting entrepreneurship through training, mentorship and financing

Our core mandate is to support emerging entrepreneurs with financial and technical assistance to scale up their ventures

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